My Own Cabaret update

Hello again!

Remember when I asked the few (very few…) wonderful people who read this blog to click on my video to help me advance to the next round of a competition to get my own show at an extremely prestigious venue in New York City?

Yea. Me neither.

Well. Whomever voted did so enough because I won a slot at the Semi Finals.

Six of us competed that night.

I won.

I am now in the Finals (one of three) competeing for a shot at something that I have been working nearly my whole life to achieve.

So, if you did vote, thank you.

If not, oh well.

Here is the performance from the Semi-Finals.



Nailed It: I Want My Own Cabaret Nails

So I am competing at New York cabaret hot spot, 54 Below, for a chance to win my very own cabaret.

If I were to get a cabaret, I would be achieving the dreams of the 14 year old Southern California girl inside of me, still belting “All That Jazz” into her hair brush.

My dreams are comprised of many different things now that I am older and way more aware of how not wiser I am, but a cabaret is still pretty high up on the list.

You see, I created and am the lead singer of the completely improvised rock band, The Vigilante, here in New York.

I basically created my own cabaret.

I would use everything that I have learned doing that, doing long form and short form improv all over the world, touring around the country improvising Broadway musicals, doing stand up, being on television, and all of my other crazy life stories to put on a the best damn cabaret just off Broadway that New York City has ever seen. HYPERBOLE!

cabaret nails

Below is the video from the cabaret. PLEASE. If you have a second. Go to the YouTube video and click “LIKE.” You would be helping one of my dreams come true.