Run Porn: Concord, New Hampshire Edition

It is pretty fantastic having the opportunity to travel all around America making people laugh.

When I perform in New York, I generally perform in everything from dark basements in comedy clubs to a small stage in the middle of a crowded bar.

When I am not in New York, I perform in theatres like this….


And I go for runs in places like this…..


America is so incredibly beautiful.

Whenever I am struck by it’s majesty, I try to imagine how awe inspiring it must have been to those who first arrived. Not to mention the people who lived here first. Ehem.


This tour made me realize that colonial houses are my dream houses.


These houses are so regal. They seem like they have the most interesting stories to tell.


I even got to see the home of the 14th President of these beautiful United States.

And I have never fricken heard of this guy!

The 16th president totally stole ol’ Frankey Pierce’s thunder.


Presidents certainly don’t live this modestly anymore.

But I am sure that this was far from modest back then.


But it doesn’t really matter where you live, we all end up living in the same place in the end.

That’s why it is super important to get out. Go. See things. Run around. Look up. Look down. Breathe in. Breathe out.






Holy shit that I got “deep.”


Run Porn: Not A Cloud In The Sky Edition

The weather has been so terrible in New York.

And not consistently terrible.

It has been irrationally terrible. Manic depressive.

But on this day, New York was in a really good mood.


The sun was shining but was balanced by a cool breeze.

And the storm from the day before had blown all of the clouds away.


Not only was it a beautiful day but I had a great run.

My new shoes are fantastic.

I can totally tell that my muscles were over compensating for my completely run down shoes.


I am starting to feel more and more comfortable calling myself a “runner.”

And when I do, I feel really proud.


I better enjoy these few and far between perfect days because the heat is on it’s way.

And I think this summer is going to be heinous.

But until then……..

Run Porn: New Shoes Edition

I have lost track of how many runs I have had this year.

I knew that would happen.

I don’t remember to take pictures every time. And, well, if you read the last post, I had some difficulty there for awhile.

But now I have my new Brooks shoes and I was, kinda, ready to get back in the game.

I was super scared to see what my muscles would say.


Well, my muscles said, “what took you so long!”


It was a wonderful run.

And a beautiful day.


But beautiful.


Then I ran in to THIS in the park.

I have done musical improv for the last ten years of my life. It has been one of my greatest loves, one of my favorite things to do, and I can not believe that this is just sitting in a park I have been running in for 4 years.


“Yes, And..” is an improv philosophy.

In improv, the number one rule is to accept any offer that your fellow improvisers hand you; “Yes.”

And once you have accepted their offer, you add your offer to it; “And….”

And so on and so on and so on….

That is how you construct an improv scene.


And, like so many things in life, this can absolutely be applied to a run.

“Yes,” I will get out of the house “and” I will go for a run.

But I’m tired…..

“Yes,” I will get out of the house “and” go for a run.

It may be difficult…..

“Yes, and” you will get through it. You are strong.

I am strong.

And I am back again.

Run Porn: End of Era Edition

The few of you that do consistently follow and “Like” my Run Porn series (and I am so thrilled that there actually are people who consistently “Like” my Run Porn) may have noticed that I have not been running a lot lately.

Well, the weather in New York has been incredibly sporadic.

One day it is 80 degrees with mid-afternoon, monsoon-like downpours.

The next day it is 48 degrees. And still raining.

So I have been working out at the gym. And I have no interest in Gym Porn.

Also, I have been having so much trouble with my hips and everything that it has been making my runs touch and go. Sometimes I have a nice and comfortable run and others I am racked with tension and pain.

And the longer I go in between, the more afraid I get to go on another run simply because I don’t want to struggle through it.

But I miss it.


So, I decided to start taking steps to get back in to it more consistently.

First. I realized, after 4 good years, I needed to say goodbye to my first pair of runnings shoes.

runporn reflection #1


Thank you for everything you have given me running shoes.

I found myself when I was wearing you. You helped me discover that I am stronger than I ever thought. You helped me understand I have the potential to be better, stronger, and more in control of my mind and heart.

I was not an athletic kid. My body was my burden.

Now my body is my tool. And I am still figuring out the best way to use and live inside of it.

But I am getting there.

And you started that journey with me.

So. Thanks.

runporn reflection #2


But I think your replacement is really going to do you proud.

And so will I.


Run Porn: 33rd – 41st of 2013

Des Moines, Iowa Edition!

Sorry it has been a while since I indulged your Run Porn fix.

I was out on another tour with my improvised Broadway musical these past weeks.

This tour brought me to Des Moines, Iowa.

And Des Moines, Iowa brought me some really shitty weather.


This is the view from my hotel room.

It snowed, it rained, it was windy, and I was pissed.


This meant I was in the Marriott Hotel gym more than I would have liked.

Generally, I limit my indoor gym to a few days a week to get my resistance training in. But, in this case, it was really my only option.

Though there were some perks.

Generally, I would be the only one in the gym. Which is great. My workout time is my time.


I also got to go for a swim.

It was pretty great going for a swim in the perfectly temperate pool while the rain rat-a-tat-tatted on
the  skylight glass overhead.


Out of my 10 day stint in Dez Moy Nez, I did get a few days of run fun.


And there were some great views.


I love running over bridges. It makes me feel like I am in a sports montage.

I even punch the air. Sometimes…..


And where there are bridges….


….you are sure to find water.


I find being around water is absolutely necessary for me.

I don’t know how long I can keep living by bodies of water. But I will fight tooth and nail to keep water-side living a staple in my life.


The air is better when skimming the water’s edge.

The sound of water lapping up against the shore is extremely soothing.

When I am near water, I feel like I can find my center.

This is just one more reason on the list of Why I Don’t Think I Can Live In New York Forever.


There was even a tiny baby pier that jutted out into the water.

I was a total, sit cross legged, close my eyes, breathe deep, meditate-y nerd.

It was wonderful!


Run Porn: 31st of 2013

What’s Wrong With Me? Edition


I am still in so much pain during my runs.

And now my legs will just start to go numb.


This was, by far, my hardest run.

And I thought it was going to be great and theraputic.

You see, I was attacked on the subway in New York City.

So I had locked myself in my house all day.

But I finally convinced myself to get out there and sweat it out.

But it was so difficult.

I was so stiff. My muscles weighed 1,000 pounds. My lower back was in agony.

But the weather was so wonderful.

Whhhhhhy todaaaaay???


I stopped every quarter mile to stretch and bend and twist and and and and….

Nothing worked.

But like a good runner, I made it through.

Which was sort of an appropriate accomplishment for me on a day where I felt so violated I didn’t think I could get
back on the subway ever again.

But I will make it through.

I always do.

Happy running!

Run Porn: 30th of 2013

Lunchtime Edition


I am so damn busy, people.

But I think, in this day and age, we are all busy. Because we can be.

People know they can get in contact with us whenever and wherever. So they do.

“Always be closing.”

I should always be closing my browser and shutting off my phone.


But that is why running is such an important part of my day.

I mean, I use my phone for my running music and to take Run Porn photos. I feel it vibrate in my hand
every time I get a new email or text message. And the serenity I feel when I allow myself to ignore those messages,
just for the next hour, is immense.

Which is immensely unsettling.


Anyway, being this busy means I have to shove my workout into any block of free time that I have.

But sometimes those blocks of time are not available.

So I have to use time that I would spend eating to work out.

I am not a huge fan of running in Manhattan. So many people. So much concrete.


But that sky hanging over the East River made it all worth it.