Run Porn: New Shoes Edition

I have lost track of how many runs I have had this year.

I knew that would happen.

I don’t remember to take pictures every time. And, well, if you read the last post, I had some difficulty there for awhile.

But now I have my new Brooks shoes and I was, kinda, ready to get back in the game.

I was super scared to see what my muscles would say.


Well, my muscles said, “what took you so long!”


It was a wonderful run.

And a beautiful day.


But beautiful.


Then I ran in to THIS in the park.

I have done musical improv for the last ten years of my life. It has been one of my greatest loves, one of my favorite things to do, and I can not believe that this is just sitting in a park I have been running in for 4 years.


“Yes, And..” is an improv philosophy.

In improv, the number one rule is to accept any offer that your fellow improvisers hand you; “Yes.”

And once you have accepted their offer, you add your offer to it; “And….”

And so on and so on and so on….

That is how you construct an improv scene.


And, like so many things in life, this can absolutely be applied to a run.

“Yes,” I will get out of the house “and” I will go for a run.

But I’m tired…..

“Yes,” I will get out of the house “and” go for a run.

It may be difficult…..

“Yes, and” you will get through it. You are strong.

I am strong.

And I am back again.


My Own Cabaret update

Hello again!

Remember when I asked the few (very few…) wonderful people who read this blog to click on my video to help me advance to the next round of a competition to get my own show at an extremely prestigious venue in New York City?

Yea. Me neither.

Well. Whomever voted did so enough because I won a slot at the Semi Finals.

Six of us competed that night.

I won.

I am now in the Finals (one of three) competeing for a shot at something that I have been working nearly my whole life to achieve.

So, if you did vote, thank you.

If not, oh well.

Here is the performance from the Semi-Finals.