Run Porn: End of Era Edition

The few of you that do consistently follow and “Like” my Run Porn series (and I am so thrilled that there actually are people who consistently “Like” my Run Porn) may have noticed that I have not been running a lot lately.

Well, the weather in New York has been incredibly sporadic.

One day it is 80 degrees with mid-afternoon, monsoon-like downpours.

The next day it is 48 degrees. And still raining.

So I have been working out at the gym. And I have no interest in Gym Porn.

Also, I have been having so much trouble with my hips and everything that it has been making my runs touch and go. Sometimes I have a nice and comfortable run and others I am racked with tension and pain.

And the longer I go in between, the more afraid I get to go on another run simply because I don’t want to struggle through it.

But I miss it.


So, I decided to start taking steps to get back in to it more consistently.

First. I realized, after 4 good years, I needed to say goodbye to my first pair of runnings shoes.

runporn reflection #1


Thank you for everything you have given me running shoes.

I found myself when I was wearing you. You helped me discover that I am stronger than I ever thought. You helped me understand I have the potential to be better, stronger, and more in control of my mind and heart.

I was not an athletic kid. My body was my burden.

Now my body is my tool. And I am still figuring out the best way to use and live inside of it.

But I am getting there.

And you started that journey with me.

So. Thanks.

runporn reflection #2


But I think your replacement is really going to do you proud.

And so will I.