Run Porn: 17th of 2013

The Mr. Blue Sky Edition!

run 17#1

It was such a beautiful day (especially in the midst of such shitty, cold, and windy days) but, full disclosure,

this was one of my most difficult runs of 2013.

My hips and quads were extremely tight and the cold weather did not help matters.

run 17#2

But the motivating power of a brilliant blue sky over head is incredible.

run 17 #3

Sidewalk art is pretty motivating too.

Especially spray paint philosophy.

run 17#4

It’s enough to make this twenty something New York liberal feel a twinge of patriotism.

A twinge.

Recommended Listening:

“Mr. Blue Sky” by Mayer Hawthorne


Need running advice? Wanna talk about somethign running related? Anything??

Comment below!

And keep your eyes peeled for Episode Three of A Cooking Show! Coming soon!


Run Porn: 15th of 2013

The “Yay! No Wind” Edition

It turns out, my Run Porn generates the most traffic to my blog.

Apparently, I am not alone in wanting to see scenic pictures so I can day dream about running outside, free as a bird.

A running bird.

Like an ostrich. Or a road runner.

A road runner that isn’t being chased by a murderous cayote. Is that an oxymoron?

No. I am. For writing any of the above.




Cold, morning runs are getting very old. But this friggen view, after nearly four years, is not.


Always remember to look up.


I said, “look up!”

The first day of Spring is March 20th, 2013.

We are almost there.

That is less than a month.

Less than a month of running in a jacket.
Less than a month of stinging cheeks and dry cracked hands.
Less than a month of soul crushing wind.

We can do it.

Well, I can do it. You may not feel as dramatic as I do. People usually don’t.

Wait! Before you go! Listen to the Recommended Listening section. It is one of my all time favorite songs to run to. Consider downloading it, will ya?


Recommeneded Listening:

“Little Dawn” by Ted Leo and The Pharmacists

Happy running!

Run Porn: 14th of 2013

President’s Dizz-ay Edition!

Days off rule!


The picture above has a “hip” filter. The one below has none.

No filter. All grit.


This one has a total filter on it. It should be called the “Tim Burton.”


Go outside. Spring is almost here!

Recommended Listening:

“Fancy Footwork” by Chromeo

Run Porn: 13th of 2013

The cooking videos are keeping me very busy.

Which is good.

You know what they say. “Idle hands will eat a jar of peanut butter and watch six episodes of Chopped.”

So. This is my post-Valentine’s Day post.

The Valentine’s Day rubble. 


It was an incredibly sunny, crisp day.


Look up.


Though, sometimes you just gotta look down.


Recommeneded Listening:

“Don’t Give Up” by The Whitest Boys Alive

Nailed It: Angsty Teen Nails

pink and black nail

One of my best friends and I were talking on the telephone recently.

I don’t talk on the phone much nowadays. Feels retro. Feels like I am a teenager.

Especially since my friend and I have been friends since we were the teenage versions of ourselves.

“What are you doing?” he asks. He’s had a lot of white wine since getting back from the Hamptons.

“Painting my nails.”


“Yes. Really.”


“What color should I paint them?” I ask, as I begin to apply my bottom coat.

“Pink and black,” he says immediately. As if he had called to tell me that.

So. Here they are. My pink and black, Angsty Teen nails.

The black is a shitty, $3 nail polish that I got from one of those cheaply made clothing stores that swap out their entire inventory every week. It doesn’t even have a name. I don’t know why I feel such sympathy for an nameless nail polish. Well, I would have called it, “Breeze of the Black Night.” Great opening line to the Ditty Bops song of the same name.

The florescent pink is the ” Purple Haze” again. Still upset about this color name too. See. Here is another instance where I am placing entirely too much emotional energy on a nail polish color.


Recommended Listening:

“Breeze Black Night” by The Ditty Bops

Recommended Listening: Girls

No. Not the show.

The one’s that run the world.

Here are two songs that I am currently playing on repeat.

I love these ladies who are so clearly inspired by the synth sound of the late 80’s early 90’s.

Must mean they are around my age.


Now I say phrases like “around my age.”

“Bad Girls (Verdine Version)” by Solange

“You’ve Changed” by Sia