EAT HERE NEW YORK!: Cookshop in Chelsea


So. Number one on my list of Top Five Favorite Things About Living In New York is the ability to easily go to hundreds of spectacular restaurants. Unfortunately, because I am not “comfortable” (or “baller”) financially (yet….), I have to keep my truly memorable yet pricey dining experiences to a once a month special occasion. First world problems.

This month, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Cookshop.  Located on the relatively quite Manhattan street corner (….actually, I am not sure there is such a thing) of 20th Street and 10th Avenue in Chelsea, Cookshop is understated in decor but their food is anything but. Seriously. 


I arrived an hour early for my 6pm dinner date.  It wasn’t a “date” date so I am technically not a desperate loser. Technically. I had time to kill, a book to read, and a palate to whet so I pulled up a chair at the minimal yet classy bar top and perused the menu. There are plenty of good bar treats, including the complimentary potato chips (I love a bar that gives a free, salty snack. Not only is it hospitable, it is damn good business. Make em thirsty!), but I had to go for a glass of wine with a great piece of cheese.

The bartender was fantastic. Witty and dry as my wine, she seemed to have an in-depth knowledge of the menu. With her guidance, I decided on a glass of the Muriel, ‘Crianza,’ Rioja and the Manchester from Vermont. I normally wouldn’t order a goat cheese because I generally like a firm cheese with my wine but the Manchester raw goat milk cheese was actually sharper and firmer than the average goat cheese. I like my cheese like I like my men, sharp and tough. And sometimes stinky. My salivary glands are puckering just remembering it….not my men, the cheese……


My friend and I love to dine in the European fashion. Or like we are playing a great hand of poker. We slow play.

So, we ordered a bottle of the Rioja and started off with these gorgeous Deviled Eggs with Salmon Roe (only $6!) or, what I am calling, Eggs on Eggs in Eggs. They were light, creamy, and sweet with the added bubbly texture of the salmon roe. A perfect beginning to a long journey.


After drowning in our wine, devouring our eggs, and shooting the shit for entirely too long, we were ready to move on to the main course. Now, I am all ABOUT sweet potatoes right now. Especially roasted sweet potatoes. And especially sweet potatoes with a spicy kick.

Low and behold, after much deliberation and many “No. I’m so sorry. We still haven’t decided’s” later, I realized I just had to have the American Wagyu Sirloin Steak with Roasted Sweet Potato Wedges, Pickled Chili Peppers, Cotija Cheese, Chicory, and Red Wine Vinaigrette ($38).

But my dinner date simply could not pass up the Curried Cauliflower Gratin.

So, we had both.

That’s how ballers roll.


And, of course, these were absolutely stupendous.

The steak was cooked perfectly. The chicory was fresh and delightful with the red wine vinaigrette. The cauliflower was overflowing with velvety cheese, onion, and curry. But the main event for me was to be expected: the combination of the sweet, creamy roasted sweet potatoes, the subtle sharp tang of the cotija cheese, and the mild spicy tang of the pickled chili peppers was just out of this world. I wish little tiny me, or my parents for that matter, knew that vegetables could taste so good.

I can not recommend Cookshop enough. It is a wonderful place to hold any occasion. It is simple yet elegant inside and over the top inside your mouth.

EAT HERE NEW YORK! And anyone visiting!

Have you eaten at Cookshop? I wanna hear what you think!

Is there a restaurant in New York that I simply must try? I wanna hear what you think!

Is there anything else you wanna say? I wanna hear what you think!

Comment below!

And make sure to check out Episode 4 of my cooking tutorial web series A Cooking Show on Wednesday March 20th!


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