Nailed It: St. Paddy’s Mani

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Remember to wear green.

Don’t be that guy.

It is a fun thing that we all do together and you not participating just makes you a downer.

And sore from all of the pinches.

So, just wear green, alright?

An easy way to add green to your wardrobe (and to keep you safe from the clasp of index fingers and thumbs) is to paint your nails!



My quality is not the best I have ever done but is my first time working with a nail art pen. You should see my right hand…..

The green I used is a shitty Old Navy brand green. I would call it “Grass is Greener,” or “Green Machine.”

The blue is one I have used on the blog before, Orly’s “It’s Up To Blue”.  I love how it is shimmery. I would call it “Mermaid’s Tale.”

The white is a white paint Kiss nail art pen. Do the nail art pens have clever names? I don’t think so. I think the pens are pretty straight forward. But if I were to name the pen…I would name it just that, “Straight Forward.”

Now go get drunk!


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