Where My Knitters At?: Spiral Trivet

Hey there! Now for something completely different!

This is another thing that makes me happy.


That’s right. Another domestic activity. This girl who wore black lipstick and a chain wallet in her adolescence had no idea she would take pictures of her nail polish, cook soups, and knit baby blankets.


I asked my fabulous friend Boswell what he wanted for Christmas this year.

“I want you to make me a trivet.”

“What the hell is a ‘trivet?'” I laughed.

“You know. That thing you put your hot pots on.”

“A pot holder?”

“No. You put pots on top of it. Like, so it doesn’t burn the counter.”

“Oooooh. A thing that you put between the counter and the pot.” I clarified.

“Yeah. That’s what I said.”

So. I made one for him. A Thing That You Put Between Your Counter And Your Pot or, if you are truly cosmopolitan, a “trivet.”

I am familiar with his country yet modern (hipster) aesthetic, so I headed to my favorite knitting store in Manhattan, Knitty City, and found this $3 ball of Lily’s Sugar and Cream “Countryside.”

sugar and cream countryside

I love working with variegated yarn. You can research as much as you want to find the perfect pattern for your project but with verigated yarn there is still a portion of the final product that is completely unpredictable; the color pattern.

trivet center

This is an extremely simple (if you are well versed in the usage of Double Pointed Needles) Spiral Octagon Trivet pattern that I found at the wonderful CottonAndCloud.com.


– Gather your 5 double pointed needles (or dpn’s if your nasty).

TO BEGIN: Cast On (CO) 6 stitches (sts).

ROW 1: On your 5 needles, work [yarn over (yo), k1 (knit 1)] for 16 sts.

ROW 2 and all alternate rows: Knit.

ROW 3: [yo, k2] to the end.

ROW 5: [yo, k3] to the end.

ROW 7: [yo, k4] to the end.

And so on and so on and so on….until you have reached your desired size.

TO END: Cast Off in a knit.


Cotton and Cloud suggests that you pin it and let it sit so that the sides don’t roll up but I sort of like how it is a little floppy.

And remember, when giving this as a gift, make sure to use some of the left over yarn to complete the package.

trivet wrapped

Do you have any cool trivet patterns you want to share? Any cool patterns for variegated yarn? Any questions for me? ANYTHING??!

Comment below!

And thanks for reading, my knitters.


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