Nailed It: The Finally Leaving My Apartment Nail

leaving my apt nail

Oh, this ol’ thing?


She finally left her panic room….err…I mean…bedroom.

Here’s to Seasonal Affective Disorder!

Will post the best part, the actual nail polish names, later.

But here is what I would call them.

Florescent Pink: “Pretty In Pizz-ink,” or “Florescent Adolescent” (which is a great Arctic Monkeys jam), or “Two In The Pink.”

Gold: “Golden Eye,” or “Go For The Gold,” or “What Is Silver?”

The ring finger, or “statement nail,” or, like I like to call it, “The Ringer,” has a gold base and one coat of a gold glitter with purple flecks. Coincidentally, that’s a name I would give that nail polish: “Gold and Purple Flex.” Also, “Glitterati.”


UPDATE: The gold is actually an Old Navy nail polish called, “24 Carats.”  The gold and purple flecks polish is a Sally Hansen Gem Crush called “Big Money.” And the pink is “Purple Haze,” which is just absurd. That is in no way purple. Sure it has a purple under tone but it is overwhelmingly pink. Yet, the person who names that got paid to do so. Unreal.

Hire ME nail polish makers!


Recommended Listening:

“Florescent Adolescent” by The Arctic Monkeys


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