So, ehem, welcome. This is my blog.

I use blogs for two reasons; to hold myself accountable and to make believe people find me interesting.

The last blog in which I consistently wrote was a blog that held me accountable to training for and running a half marathon. That’s 13.1 miles, yo. I cried at mile 9. I almost shit my pants at mile 11. And I figuratively shit my pants when I crossed the finish line.

But I did it.

And just as I had felt completely overwhelmed and drastically under qualified on week 2 of 20 training weeks, I feel the exact same way today. About life. Which is a much longer (here’s hoping!) marathon.

But I am having a lot of trouble relaxing in to my own groove.
I am having a lot of trouble believing in myself.
I am having a lot of trouble focusing on and appreciating each time my foot hits the pavement in front of me.
I am too busy focusing on everything else.

I am not focusing on what is important: Am I happy?

So, here I am. I am back to the almighty blog, begging for guidance and public judgment. While I hold myself accountable.

For the next year (January 20th, 2013 – Janauary 20th, 2014), I will blog about my quest for happiness.

In order to realize my own happiness though, I need to figure out what makes me happy.

Stay tuned.


One thought on “Hi.

  1. *sigh* Well Vigil,
    It’s great that you’ve finally decided to grow up.
    Nothing says maturity quite llike genrous usage of quotations and the need for self judment by potential strangers.
    Its all part of growing up, like getting your period, or realizing that your parents are flawed human beings, with gaping holes in their moral fabric, just like everyone else.
    And dont think I missed the tongue and cheekyness of your blog title. “Fart”? I think thats darling, just darling. It realy brings the adolescent and the adult together without being too litteral. You Know?
    Whenever I watch Peter Pan there’s a voice, screaming in my head: “If only that fucking kid had some sort of shared on-line journal, his life would be free of all that goddam freedom and whimsy! Ffffuuuuck!!”
    Anyway, bravo Vigil, bravo on finally deciding to grow up via the Intra-Net.
    Im looking forward to molding you into the Woman I think you should be.
    Lots of Love
    Justin ‘pussy fart’ Deines

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